The LWI Writers Workshop, 2009

            We are pleased to announce the sixth Legal Writing Institute Writers Workshop to take place on July 25, 26, and 27, 2009. The workshop will give up to twelve Legal Writing faculty the opportunity to spend time working on their academic writing projects and improving their scholarly skills. The workshop will begin on the morning of Saturday, July 25 and end on the morning on July 27.

 Who is Eligible to Attend?

             All members of the Legal Writing Institute are eligible. You must have a scholarly writing project well underway and beyond the initial stages of performing the initial research and drafting a tentative outline. You must at least have some sort of partial draft. To be clear, we expect you to arrive with a substantial work product. In most cases, a scholarly writing project should result in a law review article.

            We give priority to full time Legal Writing faculty for whom scholarly writing is a prerequisite for retention, promotion, or tenure. We also give priority to applicants who have not attended past Workshops.

 What Will We Do at the Workshop?

 Participants make presentations on their projects to small groups of three and receive feedback. Each session runs about ninety minutes. They also may take part in several guided discussion groups, each on a different topic. Participants will also have time to work on their drafts.

 Will There Be Facilitators?

             Yes, Steve Johansen (Lewis & Clark), Chris Rideout (Seattle), Ruth Anne Robbins (Rutgers-Camden), and Lou Sirico (Villanova) will organize the program and offer their guidance.

 Where Will the Workshop Be?

             The workshop will take place at The Resort at the Mountain, about one hour from Portland, Oregon, in the foothills of Mount Hood. We will provide transportation from Portland to the Workshop and then back to the Portland airport.

 Who Pays?

             The LWI Board of Directors is providing financing to defray the cost to participants. The remaining cost to each participant is $300. It covers lodging, meals, snacks, all day beverage service, and transportation to and from the Workshop location.. Participants are on their own for any remaining costs. For those not attending the Story Telling Conference preceding the workshop, please plan on arriving in Portland on Friday, July 24, since we leave early Saturday morning. In this case, you will be responsible for your hotel bill for Friday night.  Thanks to the efforts of Tracy McGaugh and Ruth Anne Robbins, there is scholarship money available for at least one participant who is unable to receive funding from his or her school.

If I Have Questions, Whom Should I Ask?

Please contact Lou Sirico by phone at (610) 519-7071 or by e-mail by clicking here.

How Do I Apply?

             Please fill out the application by clicking here and submit it by email by Wednesday, April 15, to Lou Sirico.  We will select participants as quickly as we can.