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2014-2016 LWI Committees

The committee assignments for 2014-16 are available here.

Awards Committee

Bar Outreach Committee

Clinical Cooperation Committee

Diversity Initiatives Committee

"Faces of LWI" Committee

Global Legal Writing Skills Committee

Idea Bank Committee

Listserv Committee

LWI Scholarship Grants Committee

Moot Court Committee

New Member Outreach Committee

One-Day Workshops Committee

Plagiarism Committee

Pre-Law Outreach Committee

Pro-Bono Cooperation Committee

Professional Development Committee

Professional Status Committee

Scholarship Development and Outreach Committee

Survey Committee

Teaching Resources & Development Committee

Upper Level Writing Committee

Website & Social Media Programs Committee

Writers' Workshop Governing Board

Committee Reports


Awards Committee

Charge: To identify nominees and to assess and recommend to the Board the recipients of the Golden Pen, Courage, and Hecht awards. The Committee may also be given responsibility for coordinating awards presentations and for establishing a nomination and recommendation process for any other award authorized by the Board.

Bar Outreach

Charge: To identify and implement ways that legal writing professors and the practicing bar can actively work together to improve the quality of legal writing.

Clinical Cooperation

Charge: To identify and implement ways that legal writing and clinical professor can work together to improve the quality of skills education in law schools.

Diversity Initiatives

Charge: To foster and support diversity in legal writing education by supporting legal writing faculty of color, GLBTQ legal writing faculty, legal writing faculty with disabilities, and the inclusion of diverse perspectives in the legal writing classroom.


"Faces of LWI"

Charge: To explore and communicate the emerging identity of LWI and its members.


Global Legal Writing Skills

Charge: To gather and disseminate resources resources that help legal writing professors teach students and lawyers whose native language is not English, whether in the U.S. or internationally.

Idea Bank

Charge: To oversee and maintain the success of the Idea Bank and to identify and implement ways to encourage and support expansion, development, and use of Idea Bank resources.


Charge: To maintain the membership list of the listserv, the monitor listserv usage, an, when necessary, to remind users to observe listserv policies.

LWI Scholarship Grants (joint committee with ALWD) 

Charge: To mentor emerging scholars in seeking scholarship grants and to assess recommend to the ALWD and LWI boards recipients for the joint scholarship grants.

Moot Court

Charge: To gather and disseminate information about moot court instruction, programs, and competitions and to encourage communication about moot court among LWI members.

New Member Outreach

Charge: To welcome new members into the LWI community through such efforts as outreach activities at legal writing and other conferences, and to assist new members in identifying legal writing resources and finding ways to become more involved in service and leadership positions.


One-Day Workshops

Charge: To organize and coordinate LWI's one-day workshops and to identify and implement initiatives to develop and promote future workshops.


Charge: To gather and disseminate information and resources addressing evolving issues of plagiarism in the legal writing classroom, in law schools generally, and in legal practice.

Pre-Law Outreach

Charge: To identify and implement ways to promote legal writing as an integral part of legal education in undergraduate and other pre-law programs.

Pro-Bono Cooperation

Charge: To identify and implement ways to foster faculty engagement with social justice concerns, including collaboration with social justice organizations, reshaping legal writing curricula around social justice themes, and supporting faculty pro bono work.



Updated Bibliography of Social Justice and Legal Writing (Updated 12.10.15)


LWI Pro-Bono Cooperation Committee 2014 Survey Data (Updated 10.26.16)


Professional Development

Charge: To provide resources and mentoring activities to foster and support professional development and growth by legal writing professors.


Professional Status Committee

Charge:  To act as a resource for members who are facing specific employment or professional development issues and to gather information about status issues and challenges facing the LWI membership. For more information click HERE.

Scholarship Development and Outreach

Charge: To provide outreach and resources to foster and support scholarship by legal writing professors and to find innovative ways to promote legal writing scholarship.


The LWI Scholarship Development and Outreach Committee's recent webinar, The Perfect Time is Now:  Getting Started and Finding Support for your Scholarship, can be viewed here.


Charge: To conduct an annual survey of legal writing programs,to report the results to the membership, and to continue to implement the updates recommended by the joint ALWD/LWI committee in December 2011.

Teaching Resources & Development

Charge: To provide outreach and resources to foster and support the teaching of legal writing, including upper-level writing courses and outcomes assessment measures; to collect, develop, and evaluate resources that address additional subject matters and newer methods of communicating with students; and to maintain and update the Frequently Asked Questions resource for teachers.

Upper Level Writing

Charge: To facilitate the exchange of information among schools regarding upper- level writing courses, and to provide resources for schools to implement upper- level writing programs.

Website & Social Media Programs

Charge: To oversee maintenance and updating of the existing website (, to coordinate LWI's social media programs, to make short-term and long-term recommendations for improvement and use of the existing website, and to help LWI committees make efficient and productive use of the committee wiki pages.


Writers' Workshop Governing Board

Charge: To oversee and maintain the success of the LWI Writers' Workshops and to encourage and support the continuing development of emerging scholars.



Committee Reports


Each committee or project should submit a status report approximately twice each year; the deadlines of the reports will be announced by the LWI board.

For sample reports, see:


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For information on past committees, click here.