Other Awards

LWI presents other awards at its Biennial Conference. Descriptions are provided below, along with the recipients.

Deborah Hecht Memorial Writing Contest Award
Deborah Hecht served as the Director of the Legal Writing Center at Touro University School of Law for eight years.  During that time, she worked to develop Touro’s Legal Resources Center, including developing a website.  She was also active in LWI and in its smaller legal writing advisors group, writing articles for The Second Draft for the advisors’ page “From the Desk of the Writing Specialist.”  Deborah died on November 4, 2005.  To honor her memory and her contributions to the legal writing profession, the legal writing advisors created the Deborah Hecht Memorial Writing Contest Award.  The award is given to the writing advisor who writes the best article for The Second Draft during the year. 

Lurene Contento's article, "Freeing Students to Write More Effectively - Taking the Fear Out of Plagiarism," has been chosen as the winner of the 2012 Deborah Hecht Memorial Writing Contest Award. Lurene is the Director of the Writing Resource Center at John Marshall Law School in Chicago. 

The 2008 Deborah Hecht Memorial Writing Contest Award recipient was Natalie Tarenko of Texas Tech. 

Terri LeClercq Courage Award
Professor Terri LeClercq retired in 2006 from her position of nearly two decades as Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Texas at Austin.  During her distinguished career in language and the law, Terri authored two of the first reference books specifically designed for legal writing and was a frequent conference speaker.  She is a daring and courageous person, always standing up for colleagues fighting battles against their schools’ hierarchies.  She created the Courage Award to honor others who have demonstrated acts of personal, moral, or civil courage that required abandoning or overcoming fear. 

The 2008 recipients are Professors Molly Lien of John Marshall and Ralph Brill of Chicago-Kent.