December 2016 Update from the ALWD/LWI Survey Committee.


Each year, ALWD and LWI jointly sponsor a national survey of legal writing programs. The survey collects data on program design, curriculum, salary, workload, and status issues. About 140 law schools participated in these surveys.


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Cooperation Survey

The LWI Committee on Cooperation Among Clinical, Pro Bono, and Legal Writing Faculty is pleased to report the results of our 2007 survey of examples of collaboration among law school faculty.

Click here to download the 2007 survey results.

The survey results are useful to LRW faculty interested in ways to reach out to clinical, externship, and pro bono colleagues - whether to experiment with new teaching methods, or to use real legal problems to craft assignments, or to spark student interest in clinics, or to build bridges among like-minded faculty.

The Committee invites every legal writing teacher interested in experimenting with collaboration to review the survey results for ideas and inspiration. The survey results also include views on whether all law faculty currently use the same vocabulary to coach the writing process and, if not, whether that would be helpful.

While the 2007 survey respondents are not identified, they may be willing to answer questions or help you replicate a particular example of cooperation. If you would like to contact a particular survey respondent, please feel free to contact Ariana Levinson (U. Louisville) at or 502-852-0794.

The 2006 survey results are available by clicking here. In addition to containing information about several collaborative teaching ideas, the 2006 survey results also identify the person who implemented the idea.

Additionally, a narrative summary of the 2006 survey results was published in JALWD and is available here.