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Elon University School of Law

official announcement:
Elon University School of Law in Greensboro, NC, invites applications for up to two faculty positions in our Legal Method and Communication (LMC) program, which integrates coverage of fundamental legal analysis and writing skills with other lawyering communication skills. The LMC program is a core component of Elon Law’s innovative curriculum, which combines traditional classroom instruction with unique course-connected, full-time residencies-in-practice, in a logically sequenced program of professional preparation. Elon Law’s groundbreaking approach is accomplished in seven trimesters over 2.5 years, providing distinctive value, reducing our graduates’ debt, and allowing them early entry into the profession. Since adopting the new curriculum, Elon Law has experienced improvement in applications, metrics, bar pass, and diversity. We seek colleagues ready and able to contribute with passion to our innovative approach to legal education.

Requirements for the LMC positions include a J.D. degree from an ABA accredited law school or the equivalent, excellent writing skills, and a demonstrated interest in teaching. Preferred qualifications include prior experience teaching legal writing and other lawyering skills, law practice experience, and facility with technology in practice. This ten-month, three-year contract position is presumptively renewable after the second successful review. LMC professors teach one section of the two-credit LMC course each trimester, plus one other course during the academic year. LMC professors also help teach Introduction to Legal Skills in August. LMC faculty have a modified writing requirement (which allows for law review articles, essays on pedagogy, or similar publications), and they receive all perquisites afforded other faculty. This appointment begins not later than August 15, 2020.

To apply, please send a cover letter, CV, and writing sample to Professor Henry Gabriel, Chair, Faculty Recruitment Committee, Please address questions to Professor Sue Liemer, Director of Legal Method and Communication, All appointments are subject to the Provost’s approval.


Prof. Liemer's notes:
Each legal writing professor teaches one section of the first-year Legal Method & Communication course in each of our three trimesters. The courses are two-credits each, for a total of six credits during the school year. Each legal writing professor also teaches one other course during the school year. That other course may sometimes be a course in another subject area and sometimes an extra section of the legal writing course (for just one trimester, on a rotating basis, as needed). In recent years the LRW sections have ranged from 21 to 25 students.

Our university currently only allows three-year contracts for "long-term" contracts. Under the law school's handbook, however, after two successful contract reviews, all contract long-term faculty positions (LRW and non-LRW) are presumptively renewable. Thus, in year six, contract term appointments achieve much the same security of position as tenure-track appointments do in year six. Contract-term professors receive the same support and benefits as tenure-track positions, including teaching and research assistants, professional development funds, summer research stipends, library assistance, etc. The legal writing professors, however, have a modified writing requirement as compared to the tenure-track professors, to allow the legal writing professors to engage in their own writing projects while accounting for the demands of skills teaching.

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