Legal Writing Professor of Law

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University

Legal Writing Professor of Law

The Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University invites applications for the position of Legal Writing Professor of Law, beginning in the 2020-21 academic year. This is a non-tenure-track 10-month contract position starting August 1, 2020. This position leads to a presumptively renewable five-year appointment after a probationary period of five one-year appointments. Lateral candidates will also receive consideration. Legal Writing professors at Cleveland-Marshall may apply for promotion to Senior Legal Writing Professor three or more years after attaining the first five-year appointment. Salary to be competitive and commensurate with experience.

The successful candidate will regularly teach two sections of the required first-year Legal Writing and Research course (approximately 35 students total) . The candidate may occasionally teach a third-semester legal writing course in an area of specialization such as transactional drafting, litigation drafting, or scholarly writing. Legal Writing professors participate in academic service and faculty governance, including service on College of Law committees. Legal Writing professors may advise students undertaking independent research projects and may have other administrative and advising duties within the College of Law. They may choose to participate in the broader legal writing community through publications, presentations, and service.

Legal Writing professors at Cleveland-Marshall vote on all matters except those concerning the hiring, promotion, and tenure of tenure-track faculty. Legal Writing professors are eligible to apply for summer teaching and research grants as well as funding for academic travel.

Candidates must have a J.D. or equivalent degree from an ABA accredited law school and two years of legal practice experience or a judicial clerkship. Preferred qualifications include practice experience demonstrating legal writing and research expertise; a strong academic record; teaching experience; potential for excellence in teaching legal writing; strong interpersonal skills; and a long-term commitment to teaching legal writing; and the ability to contribute through teaching and service to the diversity, cultural sensitivity, and excellence of the academic community.

Candidates should submit a letter of interest, resume, and the names and contact information of three references to:

Cleveland State University is an urban campus serving a racially, culturally, and economically diverse student body. Diversity is extremely important to CSU. In your cover letter please explain your experience serving diverse students and how you will make a positive contribution to CSU’s diverse community.

Applications will be exclusively accepted online. Mailed or emailed application materials will not be accepted. Please direct any questions about the position via email to Claire Robinson May, Legal Writing Professor of Law and Administrative Liaison for Legal Writing, with the subject line: Legal Writing Faculty Application. Apply by April 14, 2020 for full consideration.

It is the policy of Cleveland State University to provide equal opportunity to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

1.  The position advertised:
     __   a.   is a tenure-track appointment.
     X     b.   may lead to successive long-term contracts of five or more years.
     __   c.   may lead only to successive short-term contracts of one to four years.
     __   d.  has an upper-limit on the number of years a teacher may be appointed.
     __   e.  is part of a fellowship program for one or two years.
     __   f.   is a part-time appointment, or a year-to-year adjunct appointment.

Additional information about job security or terms of employment, any applicable 
term limits, and whether the position complies with ABA Standard 405(c): 

10-month contract, Aug. 1 – May 31. This position leads to a presumptively renewable five-year appointment after five one-year appointments. There is an opportunity to apply for promotion three or more years after attaining the first five-year appointment.

2.  The professor hired:
      X   a.   will be permitted to vote in faculty meetings.
     __   b.   will not be permitted to vote in faculty meetings.

Additional information about the extent of the professor’s voting rights:

The Legal Writing Professor may vote on all matters except those relating to the hiring, tenure, and promotion of tenure-track faculty.

3.  The school anticipates paying an annual academic year base salary in the range checked below.  (A base salary does not include stipends for coaching moot court teams, teaching other courses, or teaching in summer school; a base salary does not include conference travel or other professional development funds.)

___ over $120,000
___ $110,000 - $119,999
___ $100,000 - $109,999
___ $90,000 - $99,999
___ $80,000 - $89,999
 X    $70,000 - $79,999    
___ $60,000 - $69,999
___ $50,000 - $59,999
___ less than $50,000
___ this is a part-time appointment paying less than $30,000
___this is an adjunct appointment paying less than $10,000

Additional information about base salary or other compensation:

$70,000-80,000. Salary to be commensurate with experience. 

4.  The number of students enrolled in each semester of the courses taught by the legal research & writing professor will be:
     __   a.   30 or fewer
      X    b.   31 - 35
      X    c.   36 - 40
     __   d.   41 - 45
     __   e.   46 - 50 
     __   f.    51 - 55 
     __   g.   56 - 60 
     __   h.   more than 60

Additional information about teaching load, including required or permitted 
teaching outside of the legal research and writing program: 

Typically, the average is 35 students per professor in the 1L course.  Legal Writing professors are expected to teach primarily within the legal research and writing program but may teach other courses if scheduling and staffing permit. 

Long Term
$70,000 - $79,000
Students per Semester:
Submission Deadline:
Claire Robinson May
Administrative Liaison for Legal Writing, Legal Writing Professor of Law
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Ave., LB 138
Cleveland, OH 44115