Professor of Legal Analysis, Writing and Skills (LAWS)

Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles

Greetings from Los Angeles! I am excited to share that our legal writing program is hiring. Please see the announcement below if you are interested.



Southwestern Law School is seeking applicants for a full-time position as a professor of Legal Analysis, Writing and Skills (LAWS). Our innovative LAWS course offers first-year students six credits of instruction in core lawyering skills including research, writing, oral advocacy, and professionalism. Entry-level appointment as an Associate Professor of Legal Analysis, Writing, and Skills is for an initial contract of one year with the possibility of presumptively renewable five-year contracts after the third year. LAWS professors participate actively in the life of Southwestern and enjoy full faculty voting rights. The LAWS program has a director and shared core assignments, but faculty members each select and develop their own teaching materials and lessons. Applicants must have a law degree, strong academic record, and at least three years of post-law school experience demonstrating the potential for excellence in teaching legal writing and other practical lawyering skills. Teaching experience is preferred but not required.  Southwestern is committed to faculty diversity. Applicants should be prepared to start work as early as July 1, 2023 and to start teaching as early as August 8, 2023. Please send a cover letter and resume to You can address your cover letter to Members of the Recruitment Committee. 


The deadline for applications for this position is October 1, 2022, but applications and interviews will continue on a rolling basis until the position is filled.


Legal Research & Writing Faculty Teaching Position

Job Posting Disclosure Form

for the LRWPROF-L Listserv


Check here _X_ if the law school posting this job announcement complies with LWI’s non-discrimination policy. 


That policy provides: “The Legal Writing Institute is committed to a policy against discrimination and in favor of equal opportunity for all of its members regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristic protected by law.”


1.  The position advertised:

     __   a.   is a tenure-track appointment.

     _x   b.   may lead to successive long-term contracts of five or more years.

     __   c.   may lead only to successive short-term contracts of one to four years.

     __   d.  has an upper-limit on the number of years a teacher may be appointed.

     __   e.  is part of a fellowship program for one or two years.

     __   f.   is a part-time appointment, or a year-to-year adjunct appointment.


Additional information about job security or terms of employment, any applicable term limits, and whether the position complies with ABA Standard 405(c):


Faculty may apply for a five-year contract after two consecutive one-year contracts (i.e., in their third year at Southwestern).  Five-year contracts are presumptively renewable. r                                                                                                                                      

2.  The professor hired:

     _X_   a.   will be permitted to vote in faculty meetings.

     __     b.   will not be permitted to vote in faculty meetings.



3.  The school anticipates paying an annual academic year base salary in the range checked below.  (A base salary does not include stipends for coaching moot court teams, teaching other courses, or teaching in summer school; a base salary does not include conference travel or other professional development funds.)

_X_ over $120,000 (depending on experience)

_X_ $110,000 - $119,999

___ $100,000 - $109,999

___ $90,000 - $99,999

___ $80,000 - $89,999

___ $70,000 - $79,999

___ $60,000 - $69,999

___ $50,000 - $59,999

___ less than $50,000

___ this is a part-time appointment paying less than $30,000

___this is an adjunct appointment paying less than $10,000


Additional information about base salary or other compensation:                                 


Salary may be negotiable above the level indicated if the candidate is highly experienced.                                                                                                             



4.  The number of students enrolled in each semester of the courses taught by the legal research & writing professor will be:

     __   a.   30 or fewer

     __   b.   31 - 35

     __   c.   36 - 40

     _x_ d.   41 - 45

     __   e.   46 - 50

     __   f.    51 - 55

     __   g.   56 - 60

     __   h.   more than 60



Tracy Turner

Director of the Legal Analysis, Writing, and Skills Program

Associate Dean for Learning Outcomes

Southwestern Law School

3050 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, California 90010

(213) 738-5736



Long Term
$90,000 - $99,999
Students per Semester:
Submission Deadline:
Tracy Turner
(213) 738-5736
Southwestern Law School

3050 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, California 90010