Mentoring & Professional Development

One-to-one mentoring (usually from a more experienced faculty member) is only one way to support and nurture faculty professional development. The need for professional development support—whether scholarly draft feedback or mentoring on all kinds of questions—does not end when the first few years of teaching are complete or when the first few articles have been published. All faculty members have individual needs that ebb and flow over time, reflecting changes in life, work, family, friends, and other conditions; and these needs may most effectively be met by a broad network of individuals and organizations. Such networks provide information, community support and engagement, and accountability as well as feedback. These networks help all of us accommodate the responsibilities of scholarship: reading, writing, teaching, collegiality, and engagement.

Best Practices (coming soon)

Writers’ Workshops & Grants

Professors working on scholarly projects, whether these are focused on legal communication or on other legal topics, will benefit from participating in workshops where feedback can be sought and long-term relationships can be forged. In addition, grant support is available through a joint program.

  • Joint Scholarship Grants: LWI, ALWD, and LexisNexis together offer annual grants to support legal writing scholars working on specific projects. Mentors are assigned at several steps along the way. Calls for applications are posted on the LRWPROF listserv.
  • LWI Writers’ Workshop: This annual workshop accepts applications from both novice and experienced scholars. Facilitators are available to help workshop drafts, but writers may also use the uninterrupted time to start or continue a project in a conducive setting. Watch the LRWPROF listserv for annual announcements.
  • ALWD Scholarship Forums & Workshops and ALWD Visiting Scholars Grants: ALWD sponsors regular scholarship forums and workshops at regional legal writing conferences as well as an annual grant program for law schools to host Visiting Scholars in Legal Communication and Rhetoric.