Discipline-Building Working Group

Charge: To develop and support discipline-building projects, support scholarship by legal-writing professors, and encourage scholarly collaborations with the larger legal academy.

  • Sherri Lee Keane (co-chair), Georgetown
  • Brian Larson (co-chair), Texas A&M
  • Sue Chesler, ASU
  • Sue Liemer, Elon
  • Ruth Anne Robbins, Rutgers
  • Danielle Tully, Brooklyn
  • Mel Weresh, Drake
  • Jessica Lynn Wherry, Georgetown

Finance Committee (Board Committee)

Charge: To identify and manage items that impact the budget and finances of the organization. 

  • Carolyn Williams (chair), UND
  • Wendy-Adele Humphrey, Texas Tech
  • Abby Perdue, Wake Forest
  • Susie Salmon, Arizona

Professional Status Committee

Charge: To serve as a resource for members facing specific employment or professional development issues and to promote efforts to achieve equality of status.

  • Mel Weresh (co-chair), Drake
  • Mary Bowman (co-chair), ASU
  • Bob Brain, Loyola LA
  • Heidi Brown, Brooklyn
  • Candace Centeno, Villanova
  • Olympia Duhart, Nova Southeastern
  • Lucy Jewel, Tennessee
  • Richard Neumann, Hofstra
  • Craig Smith, UNC
  • Kristen Tiscione, Georgetown

For information about the work of this committee, visit its committee page here.

Professional Status - Advocacy

Board liaison:

  • Susie Salmon

Charge: To promote efforts to achieve equality of status and to support the interests of legal writing faculty and programs with regards to ABA Standards

  • Bob Brain (chair), Loyola LA
  • Mary Bowman, ASU
  • Anna Hemingway, Widener
  • Ashley Krenealka Chase, Stetson
  • Sue Liemer, Elon
  • Patrick Long, Buffalo
  • Claire Robinson-May, Cleveland State
  • Teresa Wall-Cyb, UC Hastings
  • Gigi Walker, BU
  • Mel Weresh, Drake

Academic Support Committee

Board liaison:

  • Renee Allen


Charge: To gather information on the growing need for and provision of academic support programs in law schools and recommend ways in which LWI can partner with ASP faculty to further LWI's mission.

  • Katherine Kelly (co-chair), Ohio State
  • Jeanna Hunter (co-chair), NIU
  • Jennifer Brendel, Loyola Chicago
  • Lynn D. Hodgewood, Cumberland
  • Ayesha Jawad, Kinnaird College for Women
  • Janis Kirkland, Regent
  • Peggy Kirkpatrick, Mitchell Hamline
  • Mary Matthews, Washburn
  • Megan McAlpin, Oregon
  • Chad Noreuil, ASU
  • Wendy Shea, Mitchell Hamline

Awards Committee

Board liaison:

  • Kim Holst

Charge: To identify nominees and assess and recommend to the Board recipients of the Golden Pen, Courage, Mary Lawrence, and Hecht awards.  

  • Brenda Gibson (chair), Wake Forest
  • Andrew Carter, ASU
  • Lurene Contento, St. John’s
  • Janet Dickson, Seattle
  • Kathryn Mercer, Case Western
  • Samantha Moppett, Suffolk
  • Dyane O’Leary, Suffolk
  • Suzanne Rowe, Oregon
  • Mark Wojcik, UIC-John Marshall

Blackwell Award Committee

Charge: To identify nominees and assess and recommend to the Board a recipient of the Blackwell Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Legal Writing.

  • Melissa Weresh (chair), Drake
  • Lisa Blackwell
  • Bradley Clary, Minnesota
  • Ian Gallacher, Syracuse
  • Laura Graham, Wake Forest
  • Kim Holst, ASU
  • Katrina Lee, Ohio State
  • Anne Mullins, Stetson
  • Terrill Pollman, UNLV
  • Kim Ricardo, UIC-John Marshall
  • Kristen Tiscione, Georgetown

Blackwell Reception (Joint Committee with ALWD)

Charge: To plan and prepare for the Blackwell Award Reception held in conjunction with the AALS Annual Meeting. 

  • Sylvia Lett, Arizona
  • Irina Gott, Roger Williams

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Board liaison:

  • Tiffany Atkins

Committee Page

Charge: To foster and support diversity and inclusion in legal writing education by supporting legal writing faculty of color, LGBTQ legal writing faculty, legal writing faculty with disabilities, and the inclusion of a diversity of perspectives in the legal writing classroom.

Special Charge for 2020-22: To work collaboratively with the Pro Bono & Community Outreach Committee to create resources and presentation materials to share with outside organizations to address and combat systemic racism in the judicial system.

  • Shailini George (co-chair), Suffolk
  • Meredith Stange (co-chair), NIU
  • Jan Baker, South Carolina
  • Ann Ching, ASU
  • Bruce Ching, Syracuse
  • Sha-Shana Crichton, Howard
  • Yordanka V. Delionado, FIU
  • Molly Ferguson, Mississippi
  • Liz Kukura, Drexel
  • Sylvia Lett, Arizona
  • Carol Mallory, Northeastern
  • Kamina A. Pinder, Emory
  • Jarrod Reich, Miami

Global Legal Writing Skills Committee

Board liaison:

  • Iselin Gambert

Charge: To develop resources to improve global legal skills education of international law students studying in the U.S. and promote global legal skills in U.S. legal education.

  • Rosa Kim (co-chair), Suffolk
  • Jonathan Gordon (co-chair), Case Western
  • JoEllen Lewis (co-chair), Washington University
  • David Austin, Cal Western
  • Lurene Contento, St. John’s
  • Megan Davis, Houston
  • Diane Penneys Edelman, Villanova
  • Rebecca Lowry, St. John's
  • Edward Platt, Peking University
  • Laurel Simmons, Houston
  • Chris Soper, Minnesota
  • Clayton Steele, Brooklyn
  • Monica Todd, Syracuse
  • Christine Venter, Notre Dame

Journal of the Legal Writing Institute Editorial Board

  • Liz Frost (EIC), Oregon
  • Irene Ten Cate (Assistant EIC), Brooklyn Law
  • Ann Ching (Managing Editor), ASU
  • Andrele Brutus St. Val (Managing Editor), Pittsburgh Law
  • Wayne Schiess (Essay Editor), Texas
  • Drew Simshaw (Essay Editor), Gonzaga
  • Lori Johnson (Book Review Editor), UNLV
  • Annalee Hickman Pierson (Online Content Editor), BYU
  • John Cook, United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
  • Elizabeth Ingelhart, Northwestern
  • Susan McMahon, ASU
  • Sarah Morath, Wake Forest
  • Rachel Stabler, ASU
  • Meredith Stange, Northern Illinois
  • Maria Termini, Brooklyn Law
  • Christine Venter, Notre Dame
  • Katherine Vukadin, South Texas
  • Pamela Wilkins, Mercer

LWI Lives Committee

Board liaison:

  • Rebecca Scharf

Charge: To produce and disseminate periodic newsletters exploring and
communicating the emerging identity of LWI and its members.

  • Elizabeth Berenguer, Stetson (co-chair)
  • Brooke Ellinwood McDonough, GW (co-chair)
  • Rebecca Rich, Duke (co-chair)
  • Tiffany Atkins, Elon
  • Kathryn Campbell, Southwestern             
  • Adam Eckart, Suffolk
  • Whitney Heard, Houston              
  • Michael Oeser, Southern              
  • Abby Perdue, Wake Forest
  • Wayne Schiess, Texas
  • Stephanie Williams, Pepperdine
  • Desmond Wu, Wisconsin

LWI Monograph Series Editorial Board

  • Jake Carpenter (EIC), Marquette
  • Katherine Vukadin (Managing Editor), South Texas
  • Andrew Carter, ASU
  • Lara Freed, Cornell
  • Ellie Margolis, Temple
  • Jonah Perlin, Georgetown
  • Ruth Anne Robbins, Rutgers
  • Cecilia Silver, Yale
  • Karen Sneddon, Mercer
  • John Strange, Wisconsin

Moot Court Committee

Board liaison:

  • Susie Salmon

Charge: To gather and disseminate information about moot court programs and competitions, including collection and coordination of lists of programs and banks of moot court problems; and to foster more scholarship and presentations about topics relevant to moot court, for example, through the Moot Court Advisors Conference.

  • Julie Baker (co-chair), UMass
  • Shelly DeAdder (co-chair), NCCU
  • Heather Baxter, Nova Southeastern
  • Hilary Bell, HBKU-Qatar
  • Deborah Borman, State of Illinois
  • Jim Dimitri, Indiana University
  • Cherish Keller, Chicago-Kent
  • Mary Nagel, Chicago-Kent
  • Randall Ryder, Minnesota
  • Elizabeth Sherowski, Detroit Mercy
  • Kent Streseman, Santa Clara

New Member Outreach Committee

Board liaison:

  • Kirsten Davis

Charge: To welcome new members into the LWI community through such efforts as outreach activities at legal writing and other conferences, and to assist new members in identifying legal writing resources and finding ways to become more involved in service and leadership positions.

  • Cathren Page (co-chair), Mercer
  • Abigail Perdue (co-chair), Wake Forest
  • Cindy Archer, UC-Irvine
  • Colin Black, Suffolk
  • Jennifer Cooper, Denver
  • Kelly Gamble, Willamette
  • Kristin Hazelwood, Kentucky
  • Cody Jacobs, Boston University
  • Jan M. Levine, Duquesne
  • Alison Mikkor, UC-Irvine
  • Lauren Simpson, Houston
  • Nancy Soonpaa, Texas Tech

One-Day Workshops Committee

Board Liaison:

  • Wendy-Adele Humphrey

Charge: To plan and organize the annual One-Day Workshops held in December of each year.

  • Alyssa Dragnich (chair), ASU
  • Hilary Reed, Houston
  • Rachel H. Smith, St. John’s
  • Carolyn Williams, Arizona
  • Desmond Wu, Wisconsin

Pro Bono & Community Outreach Committee

Board liaison:

  • Joe Fore

Charge: To identify and implement ways to foster faculty engagement with social justice concerns, including collaboration with bar associations, reshaping legal writing curricula around social justice themes, and supporting faculty pro bono work.

Special Charge for 2020-22: To work collaboratively with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to create resources and presentation materials to share with outside organizations to address and combat systemic racism in the judicial system.

  • Olympia Duhart (co-chair), Nova Southeastern
  • Margaret Hahn-DuPont (co-chair), Northeastern
  • Shavonnie Carthens, Louisville
  • Joy Herr-Cardillo, Arizona
  • Paul Koster, Emory
  • Carol Mallory, Northeastern
  • Marissa Meredith, Duquesne
  • Allison Mittendorf, Ohio Northern
  • Jessica Organ, University of Findlay
  • Lysette Romero Cordova, New Mexico
  • Joel Schumm, Indiana University
  • Miriam Werner, Willamette

Public Relations and Social Media Committee

Board liaisons:

  • Mary Bowman and Lucy Jewel

Charge: To promote LWI and its mission to improve the teaching and quality of legal communication through social media.

  • Ruth Anne Robbins (chair), Rutgers
  • Brad Desnoyer, Indiana University
  • Heather Gram, Wake Forest
  • Maureen Van Neste, Boston College
  • Tracy Norton, Touro
  • Kathy Vinson, Suffolk
  • Michelle Zakarin, Touro

Representative to the ABA Law Library of Congress Standing Committee

  • Anne Ralph, Ohio State

SALT Collaboration Committee

Board liaison:

  • Mary Bowman

Charge: To recommend and implement collaborative projects with SALT that further LWI's mission.

  • Olympia Duhart (chair), Nova Southeastern
  • Rachel Croskery-Roberts, UC-Irvine
  • Tanya Bartholomew, Denver
  • Alissa Gomez, Houston
  • Katrina Lee, Ohio State
  • Nyla Millar, Widener

Scholarship Grants (Joint Committee with ALWD)

Board liaison:

  • Kristen Murray

Charge: To mentor emerging scholars seeking scholarship grants and to assess and recommend to the ALWD and LWI Boards recipients of the joint scholarship grants. Information regarding 2021 Scholarship Grants can be found here and the application can be found here.

  • Sue Chesler (co-chair—with ALWD co-chairs), ASU
  • Ann M. Killenbeck, U of Arkansas-Fayetteville
  • Camille Lamar Campbell, Nova Southeastern
  • Emily Grant, Washburn
  • Gail Stephenson, Southern University
  • Kate Brem, Houston
  • Karin Mika, Cleveland-Marshall

Second Draft Editorial Board

Charge: To publish short, readable, lightly footnoted essays and articles related to teaching legal research and writing that combine theory with practical experience and personal insight three times per year. 

  • Elizabeth Keith, American (EIC)
  • Cindy Archer, UC Irvine
  • Ted Becker, University of Michigan
  • Shavonnie Carthens, University of Louisville
  • Brenda Gibson, Wake Forest
  • Susan Greene, Hofstra
  • Meg Holzer, Brooklyn
  • Kerry Kornblatt, University of Michigan
  • Marissa Meredith, Duquesne
  • Hillary Powell, Florida State
  • Anjali Prakash, American
  • Bryan Schwartz, GWU
  • Amy Soled, Rutgers
  • D’Andra Shu, Texas Southern
  • Gail Stephenson, Southern University

Sirico Scholars Workshop Governing Board

  • Cynthia Adams, Indiana University
  • Ken Chestek, Wyoming
  • Jane Cross, Nova Southeastern
  • Leslie Culver, Utah
  • Lisa Eichhorn, South Carolina
  • Michael Higdon, Tennessee
  • Sarah Morath, Wake Forest
  • Kathy Stanchi, UNLV

Standing Committee for All Publications

Charge: To coordinate with all legal writing-related publications to increase quality and consumption of legal writing scholarship and to help build the discipline of legal writing. 

  • Kim Holst (co-chair), ASU (LWI representative)
  • Jessica Wherry (co-chair), Georgetown (J.ALWD representative)
  • Mark Cooney, WMU Cooley (Scribes representative)
  • Tessa Dysart, Arizona (Blogs representative)
  • Joe Fore, Virginia (Second Draft representative)
  • Rachel Gurvich, UNC (Appellate Twitter representative)
  • Elizabeth Inglehart, Northwestern (JLWI representative)
  • Anne Ralph, Ohio State (LWI Monograph representative)
  • Rebecca Rich, Duke (LWI Lives representative)
  • Kristen Tiscione, Georgetown (Professional Status representative)
  • Ellie Margolis, Temple (Discipline Building Working Group representative)

Survey (Joint Committee with ALWD)

Board liaison:

  • Wayne Schiess

Charge: To conduct an annual survey of legal writing programs and to report the results to the membership.

  • Ted Becker (co-chair with ALWD co-chair), Michigan
  • Catharine DuBois, Brooklyn
  • Sonia Green, UIC-John Marshall
  • Carol Knoepfler, Creighton
  • Jennifer Mitchell, GW
  • Martha Pagiliari, DePaul

Teaching Resources Committee

Board liaison:

  • Shakira Pleasant

Charge: To provide outreach and resources to foster and support the teaching of legal writing and supervise the LWI Teaching Bank.  

  • Tim Duff (co-chair), Suffolk
  • Ken Swift (co-chair), Houston
  • Susan M. Altmeyer, Akron
  • Amy Bandow, WMU Cooley
  • Jill Barton, Miami
  • Erin Donelon, Tulane
  • Michelle Falkoff, Northwestern
  • Tamara Herrera, ASU
  • Wendy Hess, South Dakota
  • Martha Pagliari, DePaul
  • Judy Rosenbaum, Northwestern
  • Melissa Shultz, Mitchell Hamline
  • Cecilia Silver, Brooklyn
  • Rachel Stabler, ASU
  • Tara Willke, Duquesne
  • Miriam Werner, Willamette

Website and LWIC Committee

Charge: To manage the LWIC community including maintaining the membership to LWIC, monitoring LWIC usage and policies, reminding users to observe LWIC policies (when necessary), and overseeing maintenance and updating of the LWI website.

  • Kim Holst (co-chair), ASU
  • Susie Salmon (co-chair), Arizona
  • Harmony Decosimo, Suffolk
  • Joshua Aaron Jones, Indiana University
  • Karen Sanner, SLU
  • Maria Termini, Brooklyn
  • Dan Real (consulting member), Creighton
  • Neil Sobol (consulting member), Texas A&M
  • Jodi Wilson (consulting member), Memphis

2020 Teresa G. Phelps Award Committee

Charge: To identify nominees and assess and recommend to the Board a recipient of the Teresa Godwin Phelps Award for Scholarship in Legal Communication.

  • Mary Beth Beazley (chair), UNLV
  • Brad Desnoyer, Indiana 
  • Lucy Jewel, Tennessee
  • Teri McMurtry-Chubb, UIC-John Marshall
  • Kim Ricardo, UIC-John Marshall
  • Helena Whalen-Bridge, National University of Singapore