Committee on Committees (Board Committee)

Board Liaison:

  • Sam Moppett

Charge: To coordinate communications between the Board and LWI Committees and recommend changes in committee structures and operations or committee appointments.

  • Sam Moppett (chair), Suffolk
  • Jason Palmer, Stetson 
  • Judy Rosenbaum, Northwestern 

Discipline-Building Working Group

Board liaison:

  • Anne Ralph

Charge: To develop and support discipline-building projects.

  • Ellie Margolis (chair), Temple
  • Linda Berger, UNLV
  • Sherri Keene, Maryland
  • Anne Mullins, Stetson
  • Anne Ralph, Ohio State 
  • Ruth Anne Robbins, Rutgers 
  • Nantiya Ruan, Denver
  • David Ziff, Washington

Professional Status Committee

Board liaison:

  • Mary Bowman

Committee page


Charge: To serve as a resource for members facing specific employment or professional development issues and to promote efforts to achieve equality of status.

  • Mary Bowman (co-chair), ASU
  • Melissa Weresh (co-chair), Drake
  • Heidi Brown, Brooklyn 
  • Olympia Duhart, Nova Southeastern 
  • Lucy Jewel, Tennessee
  • Suzanne Rowe, Oregon
  • Craig Smith, UNC
  • Kristen Tiscione, Georgetown

For information about the work of this committee, visit its committee page here.

ABA Taskforce (Joint committee with ALWD)

Board liaison:

  • Kris Tiscione
  • Wanda Temm (chair), Missouri, Kansas City
  • Kim Ricardo, UIC John Marshall 
  • Megan McAlpin, Oregon
  • Teri McMurtry-Chubb, Mercer
  • Mel Weresh, Drake
  • Jodi Wilson, Memphis

Awards Committee

Board liaison:

  • Kim Ricardo

Charge: To identify nominees and assess and recommend to the Board recipients of the Golden Pen, Courage, Mary Lawrence, and Hecht awards.  

  • Brenda Gibson (co-chair), North Carolina Central
  • Greg Johnson (co-chair), Vermont
  • Andrew Carter, Arizona State
  • Lindsey Gufstafson, Arkansas Little Rock
  • Margaret Hannon, Michigan
  • Dana Hill, Northwestern
  • Mary Nagel, UIC John Marshall 
  • Suzanne Rowe, Oregon

Academic Support Committee

Board liaison:

  • Jason Palmer


Charge: To gather information on the growing need for and provision of academic support programs in law schools and recommend ways in which LWI can partner with ASP faculty to further LWI's mission.

  • Renee Allen (co-chair), Florida A&M
  • Jarrod Reich (co-chair), Georgetown
  • Kristy Cote, Creighton
  • Jeanna Hunter, Northern Illinois
  • Katherine Kelly, Ohio State
  • Amy Newcombe, Seton Hall
  • Myra Orlen, Western New England
  • Maria Termini, Brooklyn

2018 Blackwell Award Committee

  • Mel Weresh (chair), Drake
  • Colleen Barger, Arkansas Little Rock
  • Lisa Blackwell
  • Kim Ricardo, UIC John Marshall
  • Ian Gallacher, Syracuse
  • Megan McAlpin, Oregon
  • Kris Tiscione, Georgetown
  • Jodi Wilson, Memphis

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Board liaison:

  • Kim Holst

Committee Page

Charge: To foster and support diversity and inclusion in legal writing education by supporting legal writing faculty of color, LGBTQ legal writing faculty, legal writing faculty with disabilities, and the inclusion of a diversity of perspectives in the legal writing classroom.

  • Sha-Shana Crichton (co-chair), Howard
  • Shailini George (co-chair), Suffolk
  • Diana Donahoe, Georgetown
  • Meredith Stange, Northern Illinois
  • Bruce Ching, Michigan State
  • Rachel Smith, St. John's
  • Latisha Nixon-Jones, Southern
  • Maureen Johnson, Loyola LA

Global Legal Writing Skills Committee

Board liaison:

  • Iselin Gambert

Charge: To develop resources to improve global legal skills education of international law students studying in the U.S. and promote global legal skills in U.S. legal education.

  • Lurene Contento (co-chair), John Marshall Chicago
  • Rosa Kim (co-chair), Suffolk
  • Elizabeth Baldwin, University of Washington
  • Lisa Bradley, Gonzaga
  • Katherine Brem, Houston
  • Jennifer Davis, New Hampshire
  • Diane Edelman, Villanova
  • Joe Regalia, Loyola Chicago
  • Kathy Stanchi, Temple
  • Carrie Teitcher, Brooklyn
  • John Thornton, Northwestern

Listserv Committee

Board liaison:

  • Judy Rosenbaum

Charge: To maintain the membership list of the listserv, to monitor listserv usage and policies, and, when necessary, to remind users to observe listserv policies.  

  • David Sorkin (chair), John Marshall Chicago
  • Michelle Cue, DePaul
  • Rebekah Hanley, Oregon
  • Jodi Wilson, Memphis 

LWI Lives

Board liaison:

  • Bob Brain

Charge: To produce and disseminate periodic newsletters exploring and
communicating the emerging identity of LWI and its members.

  • Rebecca Rich (co-chair), Duke 
  • Grace Hum (co-chair), San Francisco
  • Joan Rocklin (co-chair), Oregon,
  • Cindy Archer, Loyola
  • Elizabeth Berenguer, Campbell
  • Alexa Chew, UNC 
  • Whitney Heard, Houson
  • Tracy McGaugh Norton, Touro
  • Dyane O'Leary, Suffolk
  • Nancy Soonpaa, Texas Tech
  • Jody Marcucci, DePaul 

Monograph Board

  • Margaret Hannon (EIC), Michigan
  • Anne Ralph (Managing EIC), Ohio State
  • Jacob Carpenter, Marquette
  • Andrew Carter, ASU
  • Alyssa Dragnich, ASU
  • Lara Freed, Cornell
  • Brenda Gibson, North Carolina Central
  • Andrew Kerr, Georgetown 
  • Sam Moppett (Board liaison), Suffolk
  • Jason Palmer, Stetson
  • Wayne Schiess, Texas

Moot Court Committee

Board liaison:

  • Rebecca Scharf

Charge: To gather and disseminate information about moot court programs and competitions, including collection and coordination of lists of programs and banks of moot court problems; and to foster more scholarship and presentations about topics relevant to moot court, for example, through the Moot Court Advisors Conference.

  • Julie Baker (co-chair), Massachusetts
  • Connie Smothermon (co-chair), Oklahoma
  • Tessa Dysart, Arizona
  • Shelly DeAdder, North Carolina Central
  • Kristi Running, Idaho
  • Elizabeth Sherowksi, Ohio State
  • Ed Telfeyan, Pacific 
  • Kent Streseman, Chicago Kent
  • Christopher Soper, Minnesota

New Member Outreach Committee

Board liaison:

  • Anne Ralph

Charge: To welcome new members into the LWI community through such efforts as outreach activities at legal writing and other conferences, and to assist new members in identifying legal writing resources and finding ways to become more involved in service and leadership positions.

  • Cathren Koehlert, (co-chair), Barry
  • Abigail Perdue, (co-chair), Wake Forest
  • Maureen Collins, UIC John Marshall 
  • Whitney Heard, Houston
  • Wendy-Adele Humphrey, Texas Tech
  • Jeffrey Proske, Pacific
  • Nancy Soonpaa, Texas Tech

Pro Bono Committee

Board liaison:

  • Cassandra Hill

Charge: To identify and implement ways to foster faculty engagement with social justice concerns, including collaboration with bar associations, reshaping legal writing curricula around social justice themes, and supporting faculty pro bono work. 

  • Bernadette Gargano (co-chair), Buffalo
  • Jacob Carpenter (co-chair), Marquette
  • Candace Centeno, Villanova
  • Fran DeLaurentis, Georgetown
  • Jennifer Rosa, Michigan State
  • Rima Sirota, Georgetown
  • Allison Wang, Golden Gate
  • Heather Baum (ex-officio), Villanova
  • Kristin Hazelwood (ex-officio), Kentucky

Public Relations and Social Media Committee

Board liaison:

  • Kim Holst

Charge: To promote LWI and its mission to improve the teaching and quality of legal communication through social media.

  • Ruth Anne Robbins (chair), Rutgers
  • Leslie Culver, Cal Western 
  • Brad Desnoyer, IU-MicKinney
  • Joe Fore, Virginia
  • Kim Holst, ASU
  • Steven Homer, New Mexico
  • Susan King, Widener
  • Tracy McGaugh Norton, Touro

SALT Collaboration

Board liaison:

  • Kim Ricardo

Charge: To recommend and implement collaborative projects with SALT that further LWI's mission.

  • Kim Ricardo (chair), UIC John Marshall 
  • Hugh Mundy, John Marshall Chicago
  • Shakira Pleasant, Miami

Scholarship Development Committee

Board liaison:

  • Kirsten Davis

Committee page


Charge: To provide outreach and resources to foster and support scholarship by legal writing professors and encourage scholarly collaborations with the larger legal academy. 

  • Kristen Murray (co-chair), Temple
  • Kathleen Elliott Vinson (co-chair), Suffolk
  • Alyssa Dragnich, Arizona State
  • Tamara Herrera, Arizona State
  • Brian N. Larson, Texas A&M
  • Susan McMahon, Georgetown
  • Danielle Tully, Suffolk

Scholarship Grants Committee (Joint committee with ALWD)

Board liaison:

Charge: To mentor emerging scholars seeking scholarship grants and to assess and recommend to the ALWD and LWI Boards recipients of the joint scholarship grants.

  • Sarah Morath, Houston (co-chair with Jane Grise)
  • Deborah Borman, Arkansas Little Rock 
  • Sue Chesler, Arizona State
  • Elizabeth Frost, Oregon 
  • Tiffany Jeffers, Penn State Dickinson
  • Anne Mullins, Stetson
  • Kevin Bennardo, UNC

Second Draft Board

Charge: To publish short, readable, lightly footnoted essays and articles related to teaching legal research and writing that combine theory with practical experience and personal insight three times per year. 

  • Joe Fore (co-EIC, fall), Virginia
  • Steven Schultz (co-EIC, spring), Villanova
  • Lindsey Blanchard (spring), Pacific
  • Laura Graham (fall), Wake Forest
  • Diane Kraft (fall), Kentucky
  • Fiona McKenna (fall), Golden Gate
  • Tammy Oltz (spring), North Dakota
  • Wayne Schiess (spring), Texas

Standing Committee for All Publications

Charge: To coordinate with all legal writing-related publications to increase quality and consumption of legal writing scholarship and to help build the discipline of legal writing. 

  • Kristen Tiscione (co-chair), LWI President
  • Jessica Wherry (co-chair), J. ALWD:    LC& R representative
  • Mark Cooney, Scribes representative
  • Tessa Dysart, Blogs representative
  • Joe Fore, The Second Draft representative
  • Rachel Gurvich, Appellate Twitter representative
  • Lindsey Gustafson, J. Leg. Writing representative
  • Margaret Hannon, Monograph Series representative
  • Anne Ralph, Discipline Building Working Group representative
  • Joan Rocklin, LWI Lives representative
  • Melissa Weresh, Professional Status Committee representative

Survey Committee (Joint committee with ALWD)



Charge: To conduct an annual survey of legal writing programs and to report the results to the membership.

  • Ted Becker (co-chair), Michigan
  • Deborah Borman, Arkansas Little Rock
  • Elizabeth Frost, Oregon
  • Gail Mullins, Okalahoma
  • Carolyn Williams, Arizona

Teaching Resources Committee

Board liaison:

  • Cassandra Hill

Charge: To provide outreach and resources to foster and support the teaching of legal writing and supervise the LWI Teaching Bank.  

  • Heather Baxter (co-chair), Nova Southeastern
  • Michelle Cue (co-chair), DePaul 
  • Elizabeth DeArmond, Chicago Kent
  • Timothy Duff, Case Western
  • Caroleen Dineen, Florida A&M
  • Trisha Kanan, Georgia State
  • Joseph Regalia, Loyola Chicago

2018 Teresa G. Phelps Award Committee

  • Lisa Eichorn (chair), South Carolina
  • Mary-Beth Beasley, UNLV
  • Sha-Shana Crichton, Howard
  • Linda Edwards, UNLV
  • Elizabeth Fajans, Brooklyn
  • Lucy Jewell, Tennessee

Website Maintenance and Updates Committee

Board liaison:

  • Kris Tiscione

Charge: To oversee maintenance and updating of the LWI website. 

  • Dan Real (co-chair), Creighton
  • Neil Sobol (co-chair), Texas A&M
  • Cynthia Adams, Indiana
  • Megan Boyd, Georgia State
  • Rebecca Scharf, UNLV


Sirico Scholars' Workshop Governing Board

  • Cindy Adams, Indiana
  • Ken Chestek, Wyoming
  • Deborah Gordon, Drexel
  • Michael Higdon, Tennesseee
  • Kim Holst, Arizona State
  • Kathy Stanchi, UNLV