One-Day Workshops

Please join LWI at one or more of the 2021 One-Day Workshops (please note whether the workshop will be presented virtually or in person) listed below. You can register by clicking HERE.

Registration fees: $30 for one workshop, $55 for two workshops, $75 for three or more; Institutional Rate: $240 for unlimited workshops

Friday, December 3 

Stetson University College of Law (EST), Virtual 

Looking Forward: Strategies for Assessment that Ensure Equity, Measure Learning, and Prepare Students for the Demands of Practice

Assessment in legal writing courses has always been a sticky topic—if you grade every assignment, is it fair to use the same objective criteria for assignments early in the semester as you do for assignments later in the semester? If not, what is a fair way to adjust the scale? Should legal writing be graded? If your course is pass/fail, how do you motivate students to take your class seriously? Are you bound by a mandatory median or curve? How does the curve negatively or positively impact grades for your students? Have you considered labor-based grading as a solution to the conundrum of creating equitable assessment strategies that effectively measure learning while preparing students for the demands of practice?

Stetson Program

University of Oregon School of Law (PST), Virtual 

(Not) Just Visiting: Navigating Early Careers in Legal Writing

 The One-Day Workshop will focus specifically on Visiting Assistant Professors (VAPs) and will be delivered in three parts: (1) morning sessions featuring presentations from experienced professors on mentoring and supporting VAPs in their teaching, scholarship, job search, and service and connections to the national community, (2) a lunchtime plenary address, and (3) afternoon sessions featuring current VAPs, including a VAP roundtable discussion and scholarship mini-presentations.

Oregon Program

University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law (EST), Virtual

This is Who We Are: Teaching Professional Identity, Diversity, and Cultural Competency

How has your school used innovative strategies to support teaching diverse perspectives and students from all walks of life? Law school has not traditionally been terribly diverse. Not only does this homogeneity negatively impact the law school experience, but the practice suffers when people can't access attorneys who share their life experiences and perspective. All students benefit from diverse perspectives on the law, on learning, and on life in general. Supporting a diverse student body requires a commitment to encouraging cultural competency throughout our legal education. What does your school do across cohorts to foster professional identity and support diversity in the practice?

Louisville Program

Saturday, December 4 

University of Illinois Chicago School of Law (CST), virtual 

Rethinking Leadership: An LRW Perspective on Institutional Hierarchies

Over this year and last, members of the LRW community have stepped into leadership roles to help our institutions move through the pandemic, societal unrest, and to maintain equilibrium in the face of momentous changes in legal education. UIC Law invites proposals for our LWI One-Day Workshop on the theme of Rethinking Leadership: An LRW Perspective on Institutional Hierarchies, broadly construed:

  • How have your skills as a professor in legal writing helped you to assume a traditional leadership role at your institution?  (Associate Dean, Dean, Director)
  • In what ways have you demonstrated leadership in diversity, equity, and inclusion through teaching legal writing, designing your legal writing course, etc.
  • What types of interventions, necessitated by the pandemic, have you developed that faculty have adopted to teach students more effectively in online, hybrid, and in-person environments?

UIC Program

Friday, December 10

UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law (PST), in person 

The Changing Roles of Legal Research in the LRW Curriculum

How do you incorporate legal research into your course? If you don't, why don't you? If you do, do you still teach print research? What's your balance between Boolean and natural language searches? Do you go beyond the "Wexis" platforms? How do you incorporate exercises or textbooks? Do you co-teach with law librarians or invite librarians or research vendors into your class?

UNLV Program

South Texas College of Law Houston (CST), virtual 

Your One Best Thing

When you think about your teaching, what is your best lesson/class/exercise? Share it with us!

South Texas Program

Saturday, December 11

University of Florida Levin College of Law (EST), in person 

Your One Best Thing

When you think about your teaching, what is your best lesson/class/exercise? Share it with us!

Florida Program