One-Day Workshops

LWI One-Day Workshops 2023


Registration is now open HERE for the 2023 One-Day Workshops!


LWI Professional Status Advice & Support Committee 

Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

Friday, December 1 – virtual (MST) 

Workshop on Improving Legal Writing Faculty Status

LWI’s Professional Status Committee Advice & Support Committee (with logistical support from ASU) will be hosting a One-Day Workshop to talk about status issues, particularly the ABA proposal on eliminating Standard 405(d). This session, which will be held virtually on December 1, 2023, is truly meant to be a workshop – committee members will participate to discuss both advocacy for and implementation of status changes. We will have presentations from members of the LWI community on a broad range of status topics, including efforts to improve job security, salary, workload, titles, and voting rights.

Access the Sandra Day O’Connor program HERE.


University of Louisville, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law

Saturday, December 2 – in-person (Louisville, KY – EST)

Adapting to Change 

In a rapidly evolving landscape characterized by technological advancements, societal shifts, and new policy directions, the legal profession finds itself at a crucial crossroads. We will have presentations focused on the theme: "Adapting to Change in Legal Education." This initiative aims to explore the myriad ways in which law schools, legal writing programs, and the academic community are responding to and proactively preparing for change. 

Our aim is to assemble a rich tapestry of perspectives that not only critically examine the current state of legal education but also propose forward-thinking solutions for adaptation. By curating diverse perspectives, we aspire to contribute to the development of an adaptive, resilient, and responsive legal education system that meets the demands of the 21st century.

Access the Brandeis program HERE.


Stetson University College of Law

Saturday, December 2 – virtual (Gulfport, FL–EST)

Building the Future of the Discipline

We invite proposals on a range of topics dedicated to the future of the discipline of legal research and writing. From generative AI to the NextGen bar exam and beyond, the discipline is in a period of rapid change. We will have presentations on teaching, using new tech, scholarship, and other discipline-building topics. 

Access the Stetson program HERE.


University of Florida Levin College of Law

Thursday, December 7 – virtual (Gainesville, FL–EST)

We're Going Back to the Future...Preparing Students for Next Generation Lawyering

We are teaching a new generation of students how to lawyer in a rapidly changing legal landscape.  How can we best prepare all our students for the next generation of lawyering, where they will need to communicate effectively across multiple platforms, audiences, and contexts? What pedagogical and practical flux capacitor can get us there?  What are some best practices and techniques that not only teach necessary skills but create inclusive classrooms for all students – including first generation lawyers, non-native speakers, and neurodivergent students.  

Access the Levin College of Law program HERE.


Northern Kentucky University, The Salmon P. Chase School of Law

Friday, December 8–virtual (Highland Heights, KY-EST)

Meeting Their Needs: Global Accessibility in the Classroom

Most classes include students from a variety of backgrounds--from Gen X to Gen Z, from English majors to engineers to doctors attending law school after a lengthy career. Some students are from rural backgrounds, some urban; some have lots of support from legacy families and some have never met an attorney in person before law school. How do you meet the needs of all of these students with differing experiences and abilities in ways that effectively communicate the substance of a given course? We welcome proposals on a variety of topics relative to educating diverse students and are particularly interested in new and innovative ways of teaching for the modern practice of law. We hope to foster discussion on teaching to diverse student bodies of any nature. 

Access the Brandeis program HERE.


Vermont Law & Graduate School

Friday, December 8 – virtual (South Royalton, VT–EST)

Use It or Lose It: Upper-Level Writing for Skills Maintenance

The many opportunities, some obvious, some less so, to incorporate writing and related skills beyond the 1L curriculum in advanced classes and other opportunities. We will have presentations on all aspects of written, oral advocacy, and client communication skills, including skills related to professional identity formation. 

Access the Vermont program HERE.

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