The Monograph Series

LWI established the Monograph Series to provide a disciplinary knowledge base for teachers and scholars in legal communication. These electronic volumes reprint foundational articles on subjects that are important to the teaching and study of professional legal communication.

Each volume focuses on a specific topic relevant to building the knowledge base of the discipline of legal communication and to strengthening the teaching, scholarship, public service, and status of legal writing professionals. The Monograph Series Editorial Board selects substantial and well-developed articles and essays that have previously been published elsewhere.  By collecting these early and significant articles relevant to important topics, the series provides scholars with basic reference sources and a foundation for further scholarship.

All articles are reprinted with permission of the authors from the journals in which they first appeared as listed in their citations.

Click here to go to the Publication page, scroll down, and search for individual articles in the Monograph Series.  Links to articles by volume coming soon!