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LWI is moving its official membership list from LWINET-L to Mailchimp, which is associated with our website. If you did not receive a message through LWINET prompting you to re-join as an LWI Member and would like to do so, please follow the instructions here.  The deadline is March 25, 2019.


2018 One-Day Workshops

Congratulations to all host schools and presenters at the 2018 One-Day Workshops!  See more photos here.

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Applied Legal Storytelling

Please join us July 9-11, 2019 for the Seventh Annual Applied Legal Storytelling Conference at the University of Colorado.  Conference organizers include the Legal Writing Institute, the Clinical Legal Education Association, and the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Scholarship Group.

For information, contact conference organizers, Amy Griffin, Amy.Griffin@Colorado.EDU, or Nantiya Ruan, nruan@law.du.edu.

In Memoriam

We mourn the loss of our mentor, colleague, and friend, Lou Sirico.  In his last communication to us, he wrote:

My parents always said that blood was thicker than water. They were right, although I have not always appreciated how tightly we are bound together and how much we support one another. Thanks for being my family.

Thank you, Lou.  You will be missed.


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The Legal Writing Institute (LWI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving legal communication. We believe that effective legal communication is critical to the wellbeing of society, the judicial system, and the legal profession.

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Each year, ALWD and LWI jointly sponsor a national survey of legal writing programs. The survey collects data on program design, curriculum, salary, workload, and status issues. Almost all law schools in the U.S. participate in these surveys.

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    Spring 2019

    The editorial board of The Second Draft is pleased to announce the publication of our Spring 2019 issue.

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    On behalf of the Site Selection Committee for the 2022 LWI Biennial Conference, we announce the call for applications to host the conference.

    The LWI

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    LWI's We Write Retreats provide a fixed space and dedicated time for legal writing professors to devote themselves to focused and intensive scholarly writing, away

  • Publications

    LWI Lives is a regular electronic publication of the “Faces of LWI” Committee, which explores the emerging identity of LWI and its members. We have

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    You can view the conference site here.

    Please send any inquiries to Linda Edwards at linda.edwards@unlv.edu or Samantha Moppett at smoppett@suffolk.edu

  • Publications

    LWI Lives is a regular electronic publication of the “Faces of LWI” Committee, which explores the emerging identity of LWI and its members. We have