LWI Adopts Visual Identity Manual

In October 2019, the LWI Board adopted a Visual Identity Manual

  • to create a uniform approach to written communications from the LWI Board and its various committees, and
  • to preserve the visual identity and overall brand of LWI as the membership and Board of Directors change over time.

The Board believes that by developing this manual and making it readily available, particularly to the Board of Directors and Committee chairs, LWI will better achieve the stated goals.

This manual governs all communications used by the LWI Board and its various committees. It provides guidelines for usage of the logo and for the design of any written communications created for or on behalf of LWI. Any such written communication carrying the imprimatur of LWI shall conform to the guidelines contained in this visual identity manual.

The Board extends it thanks to the Public Relations & Social Media Committee for its excellent work in preparing this manual: Ruth Anne Robbins, Chair; Leslie Culver; Brad Desnoyer; Joe Fore; Steven Homer; Iselin Gambert, Communications and Public Relations Officer; Susan King; Tracy McGaugh Norton, and Beth Wilensky. 

For questions related to the manual, please contact the Communications and Public Relations Board Officer or the Chair of the Public Relations & Social Media Committee.  Committee assignments are available here.