Volume Eight: Legal Communication and Technology

The LWI Monograph Editorial Board is pleased to bring you Volume 8 of the Monograph Series. This volume collects articles on the timely and important topic of legal writing and technology. The topics addressed in this volume include the use of technology in the legal research process, the role of technology in the classroom and in providing feedback to students, critical writing and reading skills in the digital age, the benefits of memo and e-communication assignments in the digital age, and more.



  • Margaret Hannon (Michigan Law School)

Managing Editor:

  • Anne Ralph (The Ohio State University School of Law)

Editorial Board:

  • Jake Carpenter (Marquette University Law School)
  • Andrew Carter (Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law)
  • Alyssa Dragnich (Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law)
  • Lara Freed (Cornell Law School)
  • Brenda Gibson (North Carolina Central University School of Law)
  • Andrew Kerr (Georgetown Law)
  • Samantha Moppett (Suffolk University Law School)
  • Jason Palmer (Stetson University College of Law)
  • Wayne Schiess (Texas Law)

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Volume Eight: Additional Resources

For additional reading recommended by the Monograph Editorial Board, see Additional Resources.