Volume Seven: The New Teacher's Desk Book Update (2011-2018)

The LWI Monograph Editorial Board is proud to bring you Volume 7 of the Monograph Series.  Volume 7 is titled, The New Teacher's Desk Book (Update 2011-2018).  The Desk Book is an in-depth guide to the most important  topics for new teachers from designing assignments to learning from student evaluations.

The Monograph first published The New Teacher's Desk Book in Volume 2, with scholarship through 20011.  Needless to say, reviewing scholarship on teaching in the past 7 years was a very rewarding -- and also daunting -- task.  The Editorial Board had a difficult time narrowing down the many excellent articles on teaching and scholarship in our field.  We hope the results are useful to new legal writing professors, as well as anyone who wants an update on relatively recent scholarship.



  • Jennifer Murphy Romig (Emory)

Managing Editor:

  • Margaret Hannon (Michigan)

Editorial Board:

  • Deborah Borman (Northwestern)
  • Suzanne Ehrenberg (Chicago-Kent)
  • Lara Freed (Cornell)
  • Brenda Gibson (North Carolina Central)
  • Andrew Kerr (Georgetown)
  • Samantha Moppett (Suffolk)
  • Jason Palmer (Stetson)
  • Anne Ralph (Ohio State)