Publications for Scholars

In this section, we highlight periodic publications that provide both background or contextual articles and up-to-date scholarly articles.  These publications provide valuable resources for scholars at any stage of a writing project and with any level of experience.

Here is a helpful guide to publishing in the major legal writing publications: Here

Monograph Series

LWI’s Monograph Series provides an introduction to disciplinary foundations, often by identifying important early articles on a topic and sometimes by highlighting recent innovations. Scholars can get up to date quickly by consulting the Monograph Series, currently at five volumes, including a new teachers’ desk book, best practices for providing feedback, teaching theory, rhetoric theory and application, and advanced legal writing courses.

Legal Writing Journal

Legal Writing: the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute not only provides current articles on legal writing pedagogy, theory, and research, but also serves as a history of legal writing scholarship from 1992 to the present.

Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD

The Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD) encourages and publishes scholarship on the study and practice of professional legal writing that will be of interest to judges, practitioners, scholars, and teachers.

Journal of Legal Education

The primary purpose of the Journal of Legal Education is to foster a rich interchange of ideas and information about legal education and related matters, including the legal profession, legal theory, and legal scholarship.

Journal of Appellate Practice & Process

The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process is the only scholarly law journal to focus exclusively on issues, practices, and procedures of appellate court systems, both federal and state, both American and international.

Clinical Law Review: A Journal of Lawyering and Legal Education

The Clinical Law Review is devoted to articles exploring lawyering theory and clinical legal education.

Law Library Journal

The Law Library Journal is the official publication of the American Association of Law Librarians and publishes articles on law, legal research, and legal materials.

Other journals, eJournals, and blogs

For timely information on specific topics related to researching and writing about legal communication, these resources are also helpful.

Second Draft 

Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing

Legal Writing eJournal

Law & Literature eJournal

Law & Rhetoric eJournal

Legal Education eJournal

The Persuasive Litigator