The Influential Teaching Award

The Influential Teaching Award recognizes outstanding teachers who have influenced the teaching of legal writing beyond their individual classrooms. The award will be presented at an LWI conference or, if necessary, at a legal writing conference near the recipient.  With this award, we acknowledge our continued commitment to excellence in teaching and advances in legal writing pedagogy.

This is not a lifetime achievement award.  Eligible candidates include professors currently teaching in the field, with a preference for new or mid-level professors who have yet to be recognized in the national legal writing community.  Anyone can nominate an eligible candidate, and we encourage people to nominate colleagues from their own or other schools whose contributions have made a difference in their own teaching.  Nominators should submit the name of the candidate(s) and a detailed description of the candidate’s (or candidates’) contributions, including how

(1) the nominator(s) learned of the contribution(s),

(2) the nominee's contribution(s) were influential, and

(3) the nominee's contribution(s) have affected the nominator’s or nominators’ own teaching or the teaching approach in their legal writing programs. 

These contributions could include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • “I was at a conference and I saw a presentation that changed my teaching.” This type of nomination would describe the influence of teaching idea(s), material(s), or technique(s) shared through a conference presentation; 
  • “I have a colleague who has started doing x in the classroom.” This type of nomination would describe the influence of teaching idea(s), material(s), or technique(s) shared through a mechanism other than a conference presentation (e.g., an article, an email to the listserv, a contribution to the Idea Bank); or
  • “This person consistently shares:” This type of nomination would focus on the breadth of influential idea(s), technique(s), or material(s) consistently shared by the nominee with the legal writing community. These reasons are only suggestions.  What we seek is a broad range of nominations highlighting the many ways that legal writing professors are advancing our discipline through innovative teaching and pedagogy.

The committee especially encourages a diverse and inclusive pool of nominees. Members of the LWI Board of Directors and the LWI Awards Committee are ineligible for nomination until at least one year after completing service.