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What’s This Page All About?

This page serves as a portal to all LWI and legal writing-related publications.  It permits you to search The Monograph Series, The Second Draft, and LWI Lives at the same time by title of publication, volume or issue, and key words.  This format will make it easier for these LWI publications to publish more quickly, publish new and creative types of content, and make individual articles more accessible on web browsers and easier to share through social media.

Each publication retains its individual pages on our website (accessible from the main publications page with links) for posting information specific to that publication, such as the members of the editorial board, new features or issues, etc.

As of the launch of this site in Fall 2020, all prior issues or volumes of the three publications can be retrieved but with this caveat: 

Publications prior to Fall 2020

Due to the volume of the prior content, all prior content is limited to what we call a partial upload, meaning that when you find an article, you will have access to its basic information (title, author, date, etc.) and a downloadable pdf of the article.  Because The Second Draft and LWI Lives traditionally published an issue or volume in one pdf composed of several articles, you will download a pdf that also includes the other articles in that issue or volume.

Publications as of Fall 2020

When you find future articles, you will view them in html format as well as a downloadable pdf.  The Fall 2020 articles of The Second Draft are our first full uploads.

Our sincere thanks to all who worked so hard to make this new page possible.  We extend special thanks to

  • the members of the July 2018 Standing Committee for All Publications, particularly Ruth Anne Robbins for chairing the meeting at Marquette and Joe Fore and Wayne Schiess, for their enthusiasm and creativity in suggesting this project
  • the 2018-2020 LWI Board for its interest and support of this project and LWI scholarship in all forms, and
  • last but not least, our web designers, Brick Factory, especially Katie Fulton, who designed and built this page with her team.