Welcome to the 2020 Biennial Conference Poster Presentations

Collaborative Thank You Letters

Rebekah Hanley, University of Oregon

I invite practitioners to class to discuss building upon legal writing instruction in summer employment, upper-level coursework, and post-graduation law practice. Students research in advance, listen carefully, and take notes, in part to prepare to formally thank the panelists in writing.

Students work on that task in groups. They consult their notes while customizing letter templates that I provide. Using this strategy, I model professional communication and effective networking. The assignment calls upon students to collaborate: they must delegate, organize, work efficiently, communicate orally and in writing, and provide and receive feedback.

The Building Blocks of Legal Correspondence

Mary Ann Robinson, Villanova

For many writers, the hardest part of a project is getting started. This poster identifies the “building blocks” for five types of letters that lawyers write and shows how to use these blocks to quickly “construct” any letter. The poster describes the separate blocks – the formalities, the introduction, the middle that delivers the primary content, and the closing that invites follow-up. The visual display of this block-by-block construction demonstrates the commonalities and the differences between these types of letters. The poster is easily adaptable as a handout that students can use as a quick reference to get started writing any letter.

JLWI Reference Guide for Publishing

Legal Writing: Journal of the Legal Writing Institute

Rachel Stabler, Arizona State (Managing Editor, JLWI)

This poster is designed to provide valuable information to any seeking to publish in Legal Writing: Journal of the Legal Writing Institute. It will describe the Journal’s mission and the nature of the content that the Journal seeks to publish. It will also describe how to submit to the Journal as well as what authors can expect after they have submitted a piece. Finally, it will explain common reasons that an article is—or is not—given an offer of publication.

Legal Communication & Rhetoric

Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD

A preview of the forthcoming volume

LWI Monograph Series

A preview of Volume 9: Legal Writing and Social Justice

Mercer Law

Teaching Tips from the Mercer Law faculty.  

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